How do I use my vision insurance on this website?

You can enter your insurance plan information at checkout. We accept VSP, MES, EyeMed and VCP Humana. It will not be reflected on your total; because of HIPAA laws, our website cannot coordinate with your insurance directly. If you elect to use your insurance, please select the applicable insurance coverage and leave a comment indicating this. Your order total charge to your card will be manually adjusted to reflect your insurance coverage. Your card will only be charged for what the insurance does not cover. ***READ MORE BELOW***

Please note that an authorization will be held for the full amount of the order at the time it is placed, but the total charge posted to your card will only be for whatever the insurance does not cover. The subtotal on the order WILL NOT automatically reflect the insurance usage, because, again, our website cannot interface with your insurance. Your total will be changed and the card will only be charged the balance once the insurance is verified and billed manually by our staff.